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    Question Answered: newby Question, what component to use (see enclosed a sketch)

    Hello, I am new to the Sencha touch framework. And I have been reading a lot of documentation.
    I finally got a Ext.dataview.List working, but I really don't know where to go from here (phase 1 to phase 2) in my Sketch. It will be a simple webapp for learning purpurse and to make my father in law happy.

    Could someone please help me out how to connect the ontap click to show the page content with a bar above it and a back button? I can't find it in the documention or a sample of how it is done.

    And am I using the right Sencha components in my sketch? Any tips are welcome!

    Kind regards, Chris.
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  2. Usually don't do this but since I have seen others asking for a simple MVC example using Sencha Touch 2 I have decided to create a simple MVC app based on your needs. This is using PR3 but later versions I will try to update this example. See attached zip file and of course change the path to your PR3 in index.html