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Thread: Sencha App Restarting on iPhone When Launched From Home Screen

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    Default Sencha App Restarting on iPhone When Launched From Home Screen

    We have a Sencha Touch appliction being developed primarily for use on iPhone/iPad. If we use the Add To Home Screen feature of Safari to save the icon to the Home Screen and then re-launch the application from this icon versus Safari, we are getting strange behavior. The issue is that if you get interupted from a phone call or pull up the task manager and switch to another application and then back, the Sencha Touch application will restart to the initial entry point. This does not happen if you lauch Safari and open the site URL.

    Has anybody figured out how to overcome this? It appears that the session is recreated when the Home Screen lauched sencha site becomes the main process running. So, if you authenticate through the app, then switch to another app (manually or get interrupted with a phone call) and then back, a new session is created and you lose where you are and have to re-authenitcate and start over.

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    This is how iOS does it. In iOS5, the behavior I see is it seems to maybe timeout... after a certain amount of time it will force a refresh
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