my app is properly working on Android 2.3.x but not on Android 4. The problem is that every controller throws an

Unknown chromium error: -6

and I dont why this happens and how I can figure out what exactly it is.

Here you can see how Im starting my app and controllers:

function mainLaunch(){
    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true });

        name: 'MyApp',  
        appFolder: 'app',
        models: ['Customer'],
        controllers: ['MainController','ProfileController']    ,
        launch: function() {

I see the "mainLaunch" output but never see the "launch" output. If I delete the controllers the app launches properly (I see the "launch" output). However, I'm confused why this is working on every 2.x Android device but not on Android 4 (emulator as well as real device).