We are prototyping with GXT3.0DP5 + GWT2.4.0 and trying to take advantage of GXT new chart feature that doesnt require Flash or other plugin. The line chart we had was coming from GXT Demo code from GXT SDK with some minor modification, e.g. creating line chart data with a different Java file. We first sent all our chart data to the browser to display small versions of all charts which work like thumbnails and then when clicking on one of the thumbnails, it displayed a full-size chart under the thumbnails. This worked very well in Firefox and Chrome - since the data are already in the browser, it opened up immediately, but for IE8, it took 5 to 10 seconds to paint a full-size chart.
We are all new GXT users, so we are not sure whether this is our setting issue or simply a bug in GXT chart. Could someone help us? Thanks!

Development Environment: IntelliJ 10.5.2 + GXT3.0DP5 + GWT2.4.0
The test was run in non-debug mode.