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Thread: Multi select options in sencha 2

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    Default Multi select options in sencha 2

    Hi everyone,

    I have used selectfield for dropdown. but i need to select multiple options.

    Can any one help to select multiple options in sencha 2?

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    Looks like the out of the box Select field doesn't support multi select. The problem having multi select on the Select field is if you use it on a tablet or desktop, it is the list which can support multi select but if you use it on a phone, it's a picker which isn't multi select so you can't rely on Select being multi select.

    I created an extension that did this for Sencha Touch 1 that I gave the developer the option to choose between a list, dataview and picker. Since I gave the developer the choice, I could then allow multi select on the list and dataview. The problem with this is now the web app won't be true to it's native cousins as on a phone the picker should be used.
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    I am trying to use the muti-select extension you designed for Sencha Touch 1 with Sencha Touch 2 PR3 and have had some success getting it updated. My app is designed for a tablet, so I am interested in the "list" mode of your extension.

    One issue: line 207 uses a deprecated property - fieldEl. When debugging, the console reports below from line 40862 of sencha-touch-all-debug.js:

    "[DEPRECATE][Ext.form.ux.touch.MultiSelect#undefined] 'fieldEl' is deprecated, please use getInput() to get an instance of Ext.field.Field instead"

    And then Afterwards:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getInput'"

    My question is: how would you recommend changing that line of code such that the correct property is set using Sencha Touch2 PR3's updated components?

    Thanks again for providing this.

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