In "ext-4.0.7" version the file is 'dynamic.html' (full path : ext-4.0.7\examples\form\dynamic.html) does not work. There is (in 'form' folder) save-form.php file is not present, then i create a save-form.php file and it code is...




$conn = mysql_connect ("localhost", "root", "") or die (mysql_error ());
mysql_select_db ("extjs") or die (mysql_error ());

$q=mysql_query ("INSERT INTO `strawhats` (`first`, `last`, `company`, `email`, `time`) VALUES ('".$_POST['first']."','".$_POST['last']."','".$_POST['company']."','".$_POST['email']."','".$_POST['time']."')
") or die ('{"success":"false"}');

// json output to notify the insert is success or not
if ($q) {
echo '{"success":"true"}';
else {
echo '{"success":"false"}';


please someone help me to do this...