It is story about html Sencha exported.

When I use the my function in "startAction", I always write like this.

        window.addEventListener('load', function(){
          var configData = {
            parentId: 'AN-sObj-parentOl',
            ormma: false,
            scenes: [{id: 0,animationCount: 26,duration: 2304.9262693827914,dimensions: {height: 320,width: 320,expanded: false,fit: false},
            startAction: function(controller,event) {
              myFunc(); // my function
But, in spite of I wrote in startAction, it happen AFTER start animation.

I fix like that.
          startSceneByID: function(sceneID) {
            var me = this;

            // restart current scene without flicker
            if (sceneID === this.currentSceneID) {

              //this.scenes[sceneID].element.setAttribute('class','run restart') // N/A>:)
              this.scenes[sceneID].element.setAttribute('class','restart'); // OK:)