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Thread: Map with Toolbar

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    Default Map with Toolbar

    I need to get a Toolbar docked on a Map panel, but I notice there is no items config item for me to add a toolbar object.

    I'm using MVC and so have my view defined like so:

    Ext.define('PinpointersTouch.view.GMap', {
        extend: 'Ext.Map',
        xtype: 'gmap',
        config: {
            useCurrentLocation: false,
            fullscreen: true,
            id: 'mainMap'
    		// items: [{
    			// xtype: 'toolbar',
    			// docked: 'top',
    			// items: [{
    				// xtype: 'label',
    				// html: 'Show:',
    				// style: 'color:white;'
    			// },{
    				// xtype: 'selectfield',
    				// store: 'TrackingListWithShowAll',
    				// displayField: 'UnitName',
    				// valueField: 'id',
    				// itemId: 'selectVehicle'
    			// }]
    		// }]      
    Just thinking, would I be best off actually using a panel with two child items, one being the Map and one the Toolbar? Seems like I'm over nesting then though??

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    Ext.Map is a subclass (extends from) of Ext.Component. You have to be a subclass of Ext.Container in order to use docked components. Therefor you cannot have docked components in an Ext.Map. You will need to wrap your Ext.Map in an Ext.Container, use layout : 'fit' and add docked components both to the Ext.Container.
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