I have carousel with 5 items. I have added following code
    		Ext.ComponentMgr.get("Carousel").on("activeitemchange", function(me, value, oldValue, index)
Following is what gets displayed on console
-1 when carousel is loaded (with 5 items)
0 when swiped to second item (left to right swipe)
1 when swiped to third item
2 when swiped to fourth item
3 when swiped back to third item (right to left swipe)
2 when swiped back to second item
1 when swiped back to 3rd item
2 when swiped back to 4th item

so the getActiveItem is not show correct value. "activeitemchange" event gets triggered after item has been switched and hence thought getActiveItem will give correct value

What am I doing wrong. I need the current Index of the item that is being changed to.