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Thread: Help with DomHelper & Tables

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    Default Help with DomHelper & Tables

    I'm using the DomHelper to create new dom nodes, which seems to work fine for everything except tables. Normally, I would create a table node, then a table body node, then create each td nodes which append to the right tr nodes, which append back to the table body node. I guess the builder returns a table node no matter if you pass in a "table", "tablebody" or "tr" tag.. or at least thats the way it seems...

    Is there a correct way to build tables using your domBuilder? I'm guessing I could use a template but I don't understand how to append different cells and rows to the table based on a data set..

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    Tables are a pain because of IE. If you aren't using the templating, something as simple as:

    var dh = YAHOO.ext.DomHelper;
    dh.useDom = true;

    // make your tables

    dh.useDom = false;

    may work. It's on the list to rebuild the IE table hack for 0.40 to support tables.

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