I have tried the SDK and found it to be extremely unstable and generally not very user friendly, not to mention horribly slow.

The "create jsb" seems rather stable, however, it is lacking some crucial features/documentation:
  • It only works when the compile.html (with the startup) file is in the root of the build. It should be possible to hide it away inside a compile dir, so it doesnt mess up
  • It is impossible to control the debug/compress etc settings. E.g. how to build the -dev versions?
  • It is impossible to control the projectname and license text, which means that you have to edit those every time you regen your file, which in any sane build environment is every time.

The "build" is very unstable:
  • Half the time it will build empty files (only containing the license text) without any warning
  • It will gladly ignore files that are none existing without any warning
  • It requires a very strict input format, but gives no warnings or errors when there are problems. E.g. setting options:null will result in an empty js file. Or setting a path to "xxx" instead of "xxx/" will also result in an empty js file (which is inconsistent with paths to root which is "" rather than "/").
  • It leave temp files in the build dir if anything goes wrong. Those should be in the %temp% folder.

And it is extremely slow
  • Build of 1 small file (e.g. one of the locale files) without debug or compress will take 15 seconds. It should be near instant.
  • Many builds of small files will take forever. To build all of the locale files into their own compressed files take over 2 minutes.
  • It doesn't check for changed files, so even though the source files have not changed, the output is still generated in its extremely slow manor.