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Thread: InfoPanel update problem

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    Default InfoPanel update problem

    I'm facing an InfoPanel update problem. I'm creating an infoPanel as:
    function createInfoPanel(id, name) {
    var aInfoPanel = ap.add(new Ext.ux.InfoPanel(id, {
    autoCreate: true
    , title: name
    , animate: false
    , buttonPosition: 'left'
    , trigger: 'button'

    aInfoPanel.setUrl(dimContentUrl+id, {scripts:true}, false);

    The content return by the URL is
    <select id="cbORG_DIM" ><option id="RZC_HRC">Razaa</option><option id="LOB_HRC">LOB</option></select>

    However when the content is displayed the whole infopanel is disabled as shown in pic attached.

    Please help. Thanks
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