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Thread: suppressEvent parameter on select method (in a List)

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    Default suppressEvent parameter on select method (in a List)


    I am trying out Sencha 2 PR3 and I came across an issue with the select method in the list. I would like to use its third argument which is supposed to be a boolean preventing the 'select' event to fire when set to true.

    I have a listener that selects an item in a list. When I set that third parameter to false, my application is running without trouble. However, if I try to set it to 'true' as I would like to, I get the following error :
    "Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'doItemDeSelect'"

    What is that doItemDeSelect method? Should I implement one or is that a bug in PR3?

    On the same agenda, is there or is there going to be a similar parameter for the setActiveItem method?

    Right now I have a list and a carousel that are tightly connected : they are both populated with the same store. My list gives a summary of each item and the carousel allows to display a more complete description.
    What I'm doing is that I'm modifying the activeItem of the carousel when an item is selected in the list. And I'm doing the reverse operation with the carousel : when the active item of the carousel is changed, I change the selected item in the list.

    It works fine. However, there is quite a big delay before the list actually changes its selected item when I slide the carousel (on Ipad and Android tablets, not really on PC). I figured it was because my events are fired multiple times : when the activeitemchange event occurs, it fires the select event on the list and vice-versa... Would you know any way around that issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This was a typo in PR3... 'doItemDeSelect' is correct but in the code it is 'doItemDeselect' and this has been fixed for the next release.
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