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Thread: Performance boost when compressing ST2.0 on device

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    Default Performance boost when compressing ST2.0 on device

    I've been working with ST for a few months now, and since i always had core patches, i was only testing my apps using uncompressed with comment library. I was sure it would imply a longer load time. However I did not think it would also impact loaded-app animation&reactivity perf !

    And that's quite a huge boost, more noticeable on lists & touch/click interaction.
    was only smooth on a 4GS. some list were quite sluggish on a 4G.

    Now it is almost perfect on a 3GS & 4G.

    I'm using Assetic with YuiCompressor to compile (with .jar) all my JS & CSS to a single file.
    (it looks like ST2 is broken by Google Closure compiler, will retry).


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    You do know we have our own SDK Tools that will do a custom build right? So you load sencha-touch.js (the core with no widgets) and in your MVC app class files if you have the requires/uses/etc setup correctly then the SDK Tools will include your app classes and the Sencha Touch classes you required but aren't part of the sencha-touch.js core file.
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