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Thread: ColdFusion 8 - cfwindow problem - ExtJS Related?

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    Default ColdFusion 8 - cfwindow problem - ExtJS Related?


    I have a problem with ColdFusion's window creation. I asked the question on the CF forums, and it was suggested that it might be related to ExtJS and that I should ask it over here.

    So -
    I program a page that exceeds the normal browser window and therefore allows the user to scroll down to see the rest of the page. Towards the bottom of the page is an image for the person to click on for help. Clicking this causes the CF window to display with the appropriate help. The coordinates are programmed so that the window shows at the appropriate x,y coordinates.

    This works fine in IE (the person clicks on the image, the window shows)
    In Firefox, it scrolls the page back to the top (forcing the person to scroll back down to where the window was).

    Any ideas?

    CF Code that can illustrate the problem:
    <cfwindow initShow="true" name="TestWin" x="150" y="1900" modal="true">This is a test window</cfwindow>

    <cfloop from="1" to="50" index="dummy">
    Content goes here<br><br>

    <a onClick="'TestWin')">Show Window</a>

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    I know there have been several fixes related to scroll position over the past few releases in the Ext base libs, though I'm not sure exactly which version of Ext CF8 has included. If it's possible to upgrade the Ext library from whatever version comes with CF you might try that first -- I have no idea how its packaged.

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