I have a page where filters are set, then I have a store which is loaded with a new data from the server. Here's how I do it:
1) On the filters page I have controls for setting values. Controller listens tothose events and creates the custom this.filter object. Basically that is a list of filters:
isOffer: true
categoryId: 15
2) When the page with results is shown, I do the following:
onShowSearchResult: function(){
		if (this.filterChanged) { //this is to avoid sending requests if nothing was actually changed
			this.filterChanged = false;
3) In the store with deals I created the method:
setParams: function (params) {
		for (var key in params) {
			this.filters.add(new Ext.util.Filter({
				property: key,
				value: params[key]
It actually clears all filters and add only those I need.
4) This results in a correct XHR request:
GET /deal
5) I get the data back and in the loadRecords method (Sencha internals) everything is fine - 25 records are loaded, but then since filterOnLoad is true by default it tries to filter the data and here's where we get problems.
The filter I have is {"property":"isOffer","value":false}. I have a lot of models that come from server that have isOffer=false.
By the way, here's is the model definition:
Ext.define('CJ.model.Deal', {
	"extend": "Ext.data.Model",
	"proxy": {
		"type": "rest",
		"reader": {
			"type": "json",
			"root": "items"
		"url": "/deal"
	"idProperty": "dealId",
	"fields": [
			"name": "dealId",
			"type": "int"
			"name": "isOffer",
			"type": "boolean"
6) After filtering I see no records in the store (yeah, they are in the snapshot, but that's not what I'm talking about).
7) Problem occurs because Sencha creates the filterFn and value matcher that are used in filterBy function. This is correct, but instead of checking model.data properties, they are checking just model properties:
createFilterFn: function() {
        var me       = this,
            matcher  = me.createValueMatcher(),
            property = me.property;

        return function(item) {
            return matcher.test(me.getRoot.call(me, item)[property]);///see below values from here
me.getRoot.call(me, item)
evaluates to
data: Object
   active: false
   dateCreated: Date
   dealId: 4
   description: "6207975156 87870"
   distance: 0
   isOffer: false
   isPrivate: true
   lat: 46.973
   lng: 31.986361
   name: "5662478639"
   price: 48
   state: true
   viewCount: 0
   watchCount: 0
   __proto__: Object
dirty: false
editing: false
id: "CJ.model.Deal-4"
index: 3
internalId: "4"
modified: Object
phantom: false
raw: Object
store: Ext.apply.create.Class
__proto__: TemplateClass
property ="isOffer"
matcher is
The whole expression evaluates to false because there is no property isOffer in the model, it is in model.data. But normally it should evaluate to true - isOffer is false in this given model!!!

Is it a severe sencha bug with completely broken filtering for models or I'm just doing something wrong?