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is this component still supported? I noticed an interesting issue: The MVC example only works when sencha-touch-all-debug.js or sencha-touch-all.js is used (st v 2.0.0 commercial was used for the test). When the other sencha-touch libs are used, Ext.ComponentQuery does not return all components (save/cancel buttons in the lower left corner and the datepicker).

This is also the same issue I was getting earlier. Spent a couple of hours trying to see what the difference between my code and yours was (mine is output from Architect so I can't really change it without abandoning Architect).

Taken straight from the Issue I opened up on Git but putting it onto here so other people don't miss what I found:
These have to be on the outside, otherwise the button text don't get translated:
they can't be inside Ext.application({ requires: [] }) like the rest of them... I guess this has something to do with the resources not being loaded in time/in the correct order otherwise? Even though I thought the required: [] stuff in the other overrides would say what it needed first.
You also need to use the microloader to load in the resources like so:
So that the files are loaded by file, rather than the way Architect spits out the code:

So if it requires the microloader to load in the files one by one, and the Manager+Component files need to be loaded first, does this work properly when the application is bundled as it seems to be quite bitchy about what's loaded when.
I'm quite a beginner, my first pull-request just got it working for me but after looking at the above I guess quite a bit of work needs doing to fix it.