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The autoupdate currently works for components as that's the only thing that displays things.

However there are classes that contain text. There are a couple ways we can proceed with these things... in applyLocales method of Ux.locale.Manager we can fire an event and your application can listen to this and handle it. Or we can create mixins for these other classes that we can use and those can have the individual logic for each class... any other suggestions for that?

For the dataview, wonder if you could use prepareData or hook into the container's updateListItem method
Hi Mitchell,

I'm coming across a similar issues where DataViews/Templated components need to be refreshed (where there are string literals inside) and Stores regenerated which requires a little more specific logic than the standard component properties do for updating.

I like the idea of an event being fired which these troublesome components can listen to it and do what they need to.

Another option might be to allow a function to be passed in the locales config which would get executed in the scope of the component when the locale is changed and this logic can reside there.

Anyways, I'll try and report back on what I end up doing and seeing what works best.

Thanks for your work on this - it certainly takes the pain out of localising apps!