I am new to ST2 and I am trying to build a multilanguage app. I am currently using the Ux.locale.Manager plugin - which I find very useful!

But I also have a problem while using it... I have a tabPanel which uses a store to load some HTML data from a remote server. The store's url is pulled from the locales files using:

The store's content is loaded when the panel is showed on the screen.

The change language code:

onLangChange: function(field, value) {
       var lang = field.originalValue;
After the updateLocale call, I am hidding the overlay I use for the language options, and then fire the show event of the Panel which displays the data. After this step, the get function I use to set the store url returns undefined (or the default value if I set one). The language is changed, but the isLoaded (in Ux.locale.Manager) function returns false.

If I tap on another tab and then tap again on that one, the correct language is loaded.

Can you figure out what am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

Best regards,