I have a form bound to a grid when I click on a record the data is displayed in the form. and the record can be edited. when I submit an edit I use the following in my controller:

    form = Ext.getCmp('contentForm').getForm();
        record = form.getRecord(),
        values = form.getValues();
    } else{
on an edit I shouldn't have to load the store again but record.set is not updating the record in the grid. If I load the store again I can see the changes, if I click on the record I can see the the data displayed in the form is the new edited data. But the record in the grid continues to display the data as it was before the edit. unless I load the store again.

I'm expecting record.set() to update the record in the grid. It should also show the record as dirty until I call store.commitChanges(); But that's not what I'm seeing.