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Thread: bordersplitter as a child component

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    Default bordersplitter as a child component

    One difference I noticed just now is that in my border layout with a west panel (with split: true) and my center panel the resizer splitter is a child component of the parent container with the border layout.

    In 4.0.7 I would use westpanel.nextSibling() and would get the center panel. Now doing that I get the Ext.resizer.BorderSplitter.

    Not a bad thing really, but was something that I had to refactor to get 4.1 beta 1 to work in my particular app / layout so more just FYI to peers.

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    The 4.0.x Border layout had all kinds of horrible stuff in to attempt to show the illusion of Ext 3.x where the siblings were just the actual configured child items - the regions. The splitters were hidden.

    I think it's better now, you get a true view of the Container's items.

    You can use a ComponentQuery selector on the nextSibling() call.
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