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    Default YAHOO.ext.Element.get().getAttribute() causes errors

    function sendPaneForm(p_form) {
    		var theForm = document.getElementById(p_form); // this works
    		// var theForm = YAHOO.ext.Element.get(p_form); // this DOES NOT WORK
    		var bottom = YAHOO.ext.Element.get('bottomPane');
        var updateMgr = bottom.getUpdateManager();
       		var failedLoad = function() {
                    bottom.update("Failed to send form");
       		var okLoad = function() {
       		updateMgr.formUpdate(theForm, null, true, null);
    The line commented out, using YAHOO.ext.Element.get() , causes an error to occur in yui-ext.32.1/yui-ext.js at line 123 where getAttribute is used to determine the enctype.

    Is there any way to use YAHOO.ext.Element to pass the form to the updateManager or do I need to revert to using document.getElementById

    I'm new to javascript but one of the reasons I understood using YUI & YUI.ext might be a good idea was to easily overcome browser compatibility problems. Is there any problem using getElementById or is there a way to get element attributes using YAHOO.ext.Element?

    Thanks for your help.

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    you should access the element's dom ,like this

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