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Thread: Performance question about adding pages to the viewport.

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    Question Answered: Performance question about adding pages to the viewport.


    Is it good practice to keep using viewport.add( ..) when you want for example to slide to the next card?
    Does your app not become slow, and do you have to remove them manually when they are slided out the screen?

    Or is it better to use a structure of items: [ pagex, pagey, pagez] and just move between these pages so there
    are no extra pages added on the viewport and so you don't have to keep track of what page is added to the viewport and what page has to be removed?

    I noticed the { after:function() { }{ method does not work when you want to fire a something when a slide transition has completed. Is there an alternative for that?

    Thanks in advance,

    Regards, Chris.

  2. So this seems to be your application structure. Using card layout, which Ext.Viewport does, when an item is not currently the active item, everything is still rendered and take up memory. This is up to the developer to keep lightweight. If you keep adding items to a card layout, your app will become slower and slower the more you have rendered.

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