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Thread: [Ext JS 2.3] Ext.Store loading issue within loop [ really need help please :( ]

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    Exclamation [Ext JS 2.3] Ext.Store loading issue within loop [ really need help please :( ]

    Ok so it's been hours now that I have been stuck on this issue. And I really don't understand what is going on here.

    I have a loop in which I create dynamically an Ext combobox and fill it with data from a json store. Data is correctly loaded in the comboboxes. But after that, I just want to select the good value in each combo. To do this, I have added a listener to the store object. Here is the code :
            for (var i = 0; i < invoiceLines.length; i++) {
                var lineItems = [];
                // Ajoute le fabricant
                var store_method = '';
                var display_txt = false;
                var listeFabricant = null;
                var code = invoiceLines[i].code;
                var real_id = invoiceLines[i].realId;
                    // Ajoute une liste droulante des fabricants
                    listeFabricant = 
                        new Ext.form.ComboBox({
                            editable: false,
                            triggerAction: 'all',
                            readOnly: true,
                            mode: 'remote',
                            store: new{
                                        proxy: new{url: 'json.php',method: "post"}),
                                        baseParams:{method: store_method},
                                        autoLoad: true,
                                        listeners: {
                                            load: function() {
                                        reader: new
                                                                        {root: 'manufacturers',
                                                                            totalProperty: 'results',
                                                                            fields: [{name: 'code'}, {name: 'name'}]
                            displayField : 'name',
                            valueField: 'code',
                            name: 'new_manufacturer_' + invoiceLines[i].realId,
                            hiddenName: 'hidden_new_manufacturer_' + invoiceLines[i].realId
                // Ajoute la reference
                var textFieldReference = 
                    new Ext.form.TextField({
                        name: 'new_reference_' + invoiceLines[i].realId,
                        value: invoiceLines[i].reference
                // Ajoute la ligne
                var line = new Ext.Panel({
                   layout:      'column',
                   border:      false,
                   width:       700,
                   items:       lineItems
    Problem is : the data is correctly loaded on all the combo but the selection (setValue) is made only in the last combobox. For example, when I have three comboboxes, only the value of the last combo is correctly selected...

    I have been working all day on this issue and clearly don't have a clue of what the hell is wrong in this code...

    Thanks for the help guys...


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    Please post in the appropriate forum. I have moved this to the Ext JS 2 Help forum.
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