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Thread: Locked out of Sencha Support without being able to see the answers?

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    Default Locked out of Sencha Support without being able to see the answers?

    My sencha support subscription expires today. I went in to check for answers to my questions.

    One ticket that I opened about a month ago was still open so I wanted to check for a response. But apparently I am blocked from seeing the responses posted earlier, nor can I see future responses to my tickets filed before the expiration.

    That seems a bit unfair. And it's not like I was taking advantage of the support tickets either -- I only used half of my x-credits. I understand you want to encourage people to buy another year of subscription, but why so harsh on your (as of today) former customers, Sencha?

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    I will forward this thread to see what I can find out about this.
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    And what was the result? Because I'm locked out of ours as well, and only ever used 10 out of 40 x-credits. Didn't know I was going to need to clean out my desk before the door was locked behind me.

    Interestingly enough, when logging in I still get a "Your Touch Standard Suport subscription is about to expire" popup. Even though it expired almost a month ago. Weird.

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