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Thread: Problem with modifying store for GridPanel

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    Default Problem with modifying store for GridPanel

    Hi All,

    I have setup a gridpanel by using simplestore by using the EXT.onready method.

    I had created my store as:

    myData = [['xc','y','z','a','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','a','']]; storeModGenericList_30 = new{ 
      autoLoad:true,fields: [ 
    {name:  'col0'},{name: 'col1'},{name: 'col2'},{name: 'col3'},{name:  'col4'},{name: 'col5'},{name: 'col6'},{name: 'col7'},{name:  'col8'},{name: 'col9'},{name: 'col10'},{name: 'col11'},{name:  'col12'},{name: 'col13'},{name: 'col14'},{name: 'col15'},{name:  'col16'},{name: 'col17'},{name: 'col18'},{name: 'col19'},{name:  'col20'},{name: 'col21'},{name: 'col22'},{name: 'col23'},{name:  'col24'},{name: 'col25'},{name: 'col26'},{name: 'col27'},{name:  'col28'},{name: 'col29'},{name: 'col30'},{name: 'col31'},{name:  'col32'},{name: 'col33'},{name: 'col34'}    ] 
    After user performs some operations on the page, I am modifying the gridpanel without refreshing the page.
    The user operations results in addition of more fields to store above and I load the modified data again by using the following code:
    After that I am hiding empty columns using a for loop over the grid columns by using columnmodel.

    The problem I am facing is that when I reach the end of loop and try to show/hide the last column (which is the newly added column), a javascript error is returned and page gets refreshed.

    Does the re-loading of fresh data to store not automatically add extra column in the gridpanel. Here is how I am performing show/hide operation:
    window['grid'+divId].getColumnModel().setHidden(j, false);
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The columns are predefined and are not run based on the fields on the store. If you want to add more columns to a grid, you should use the reconfigure method on the grid.
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