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Thread: Hide Keyboard when tap on Ext.Form.Select

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    Default Hide Keyboard when tap on Ext.Form.Select

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for the event that fires when you tap on a select but I can't find it.
    I'm also looking for a way to hide the keyboard.

    It doing this because I have a TextField and a Select in a Panel and I want to hide the keyboard if the user write something in the TextField and then uses the Select.

    Could somebody help me find a solution for that problem ?

    Thank you

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    HI, You can't hide key board..That is highly impossible bcz OS in not in our control..On Touch pads/Mobiles if u select any thing Os will bring keyboard automatically..[Default behaviour].Right now solution not there .I faced this problems long finally we left it...but just we r doing disabling select field with some grey color...

    In forums they r suggesting to work with blur event....But no using blur event also no use....

    If u find solution let me know...

    Thanks in advance..
    Sameer Khan

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