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Thread: Dropdown in floating panel

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    Default Unanswered: Dropdown in floating panel

    I have a floating panel that pops up on button click. in there i have a select field with >30 options. however when i go to scroll through the options it closes the floating window. is there a way to prevent floating window to close until you click like an X or something? just need some way to be able to scroll without floating panel closing.

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    You will need to set hideOnMaskTap to false and likely have a close button or some way to handle closing the floating panel yourself.

    new Ext.Panel({
        floating      : true,
        centered      : true,
        width         : 400,
        height        : 400,
        hideOnMaskTap : false,
        items         : [
                xtype   : 'selectfield',
                label   : 'Select',
                options : [
                    { text : 'First Option',  value : 'first'  },
                    { text : 'Second Option', value : 'second' },
                    { text : 'Third Option',  value : 'third'  }
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