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Thread: [BUG?] Ext.grid.plugin.* inconsistency

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    Question [BUG?] Ext.grid.plugin.* inconsistency

    I noticed the following:

    [1] Not all grid plugins ultimately inherit from Ext.AbstractPlugin, especially the Ext.grid.plugin.Editing, I wonder why it has to be like that.

    [2] The HeaderResizer plugin inherits from Ext.util.Observable, should't it use the observable as a mixin?

    Please clarify.

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    Ext.AbstractPlugin doesn't really do a whole lot. It has some standard template methods but that's really it. Ext.util.Observable can be a mixin or it's own class so extending Ext.util.Observable is still valid. Ext.AbstractPlugin extends Ext.Base and Ext.util.Observable also extends Ext.Base so they are sisters and since Ext.AbstractPlugin doesn't do a whole lot, extending Ext.util.Observable may have better performance than using it as a mixing and extending Ext.AbstractPlugin. Inconsistent... your argument is still valid there.
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