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Thread: Adding a Chart title within the chart area

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    Default Adding a Chart title within the chart area

    I'm using the SVG generated by the chart class to generate images on the server.

    var svgCode = Ext.getCmp('chart_' +;

    Ideally I'd like the chart title inside the chart so that the title appears in the SVG and therefore in the image.
    I've tried using a text sprite to place a title on the chart, but this can obscure the chart lines/bars.
    Ideally I'd like to create some dead space above the chart (but part of the chart), into which I can place the sprite, and therefore have it preserved in the SVG and the images.

    The other idea I had was to position the legend on top and try to add the title as the first item to the legend, but I cannot find a method to insert items into a legend.

    Does anyone have any suggestions ?

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    You can either position your own sprite or nest the chart within a panel.
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    Default Looking for the best way to add a title to a chart area.

    I know this is an old thread but I have some questions.

    If you use a panel with a title the title does not print of you use{type: 'image/png'}); Is there a way to print the panel to png?

    If you use the sprite method then the bars on the chart overlay your title. Is there a way to create a margin at the top so the bars do not collide with my Title?


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