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    Default Answered: Proper way to define a property

    Hello all,

    this is a newbie question so bare with me. I want to define a custom property in each and every Panel of a Carousel, or more generally I want to define a custom property in a ST2 component. How would I go about it?
    a) simply define it in the component object, inside the Ext.define or
    b) extend the component to create my own and in there define the property?

    If b) is the correct answer where should I place the component definition?


  2. I would do this:

    Ext.define('MyComponent', {
        extend : 'Ext.Component',
        config : {
            foo : 'bar'
    That only works if you are going to use MyComponent, this will not affect existing classes. If you want to affect all components then you should do something like:

    Ext.define('Override.Component', {
        override : 'Ext.Component',
        config : {
            foo : 'bar'
    That will affect all subclasses of Ext.Component.

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