I have this very simple app. Just a view with a docked toolbar and two textfields. The bug is the textfields. I added "clearIcon: false", because they seemed to be enabled by default. But they are still visible..

Another thing which isn't working on the iPhone is selecting a textfield. I keep pressing on a textfield, but the keyboard never pops up (just some times..). So the textfield is never selected for some reason. I don't have this issue in a webbrowser like chrome. This only occurs when a passwordfield is added. When i leave the passwordfield out, then the other textfields repsond normally.

Another big issue is that when i add a textfield, it is automatically placed inside a fieldset...

I added my www directory incase anyone wants to take a look at it.


I'm using the latest Sencha Touch 2 version: 2.0.0 pr3
In my app i'm using the sencha-touch-all.js file.

BTW, i also had to apply this fix in order to make it work for both the browser and iPhone(PhoneGap).
PHP Code:

//if (Ext.browser.is.PhoneGap) { <-- not working
if (Ext.os.deviceType != 'Desktop' && Ext.browser.is.PhoneGap) {
                if (!
Ext.readyListenerAttached) {
Ext.readyListenerAttached true

So to sum up:
1. clearIcon is always visible, even when clearIcon: is explicitly set tot false.
2. Strange behaviour with multiple fields. Almost impossible to edit a field when another text/passwordfield is added
3. When adding text/password fields, they are automatically wrapped in a fieldset....
4. Needed to add the fix in order to make it work in both the webbrowser and iPhone/PhoneGap