The prepareAssociatedData in the dataview prepares the records for rendering the template. If you have more than one association not all referenced records will be converted, because the index variable j used in the inner loop is not reset to zero. You have to add the highlighted statement to preperly iterate over every associated record even if you have more than one association.

        prepareAssociatedData: function(record, ids) {            //we keep track of all of the internalIds of the models that we have loaded so far in here
            ids = ids || [];

            var associations     = record.associations.items,
                associationCount = associations.length,
                associationData  = {},
                i = 0,
                j = 0,
                associatedStore, associatedRecords, associatedRecord,
                associatedRecordCount, association, internalId;

            for (; i < associationCount; i++) {
                association = associations[i];

                //this is the hasMany store filled with the associated data
                associatedStore = record[association.storeName];

                //we will use this to contain each associated record's data
                associationData[] = [];

                //if it's loaded, put it into the association data
                if (associatedStore && > 0) {
                    associatedRecords =;
                    associatedRecordCount = associatedRecords.length;

                    //now we're finally iterating over the records in the association. We do this recursively
                    // FIX: j = 0
                    for (j = 0; j < associatedRecordCount; j++) {
                        associatedRecord = associatedRecords[j];
                        internalId = associatedRecord.internalId;

                        //when we load the associations for a specific model instance we add it to the set of loaded ids so that
                        //we don't load it twice. If we don't do this, we can fall into endless recursive loading failures.
                        if (ids.indexOf(internalId) == -1) {

                            associationData[][j] =;
                            Ext.apply(associationData[][j], this.prepareAssociatedData(associatedRecord, ids));

            return associationData;