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Thread: How to cancel AJAX requests?

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    Default How to cancel AJAX requests?

    Hey guys... if i simply call Ext.Ajax.abort(); it simply do nothing (but i am not really sure) ... how do i know that request was aborted (canceled)? I tried alert(Ext.Ajax.isLoading()); but answer is true. I dont know if i did something wrong but probably there can be some kind of delay. I just want to know the way how to get confirmation.

    And second question is, how to get list of all requests that are pending and best way to cancel them

    Thank You for any ideas...

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    Open firebug, perform the action that causes your request to be sent, then perform the action that causes your request to be aborted. Watch to see if the request is really aborted or not.

    You shouldn't have any running requests that you don't have a handle on.
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