There are two problems with the directFn property on DirectStores:
  • You can't set the directFn property on a new or existing DirectStore, if you haven't set the Ext Direct API URL in the preferences. Any input in the directFn property is lost immediately without error.
    This is a regression from 1.1.2, which kept the input.
  • When opening an .xds file that has an empty Ext Direct API URL, all existing directFn properties are cleared without warning.
    This happened to me when I imported .xds files from Ext Direct 1.1.2, which doesn't require the Ext Direct API URL in order to create DirectStores with directFn.
Tested with: Ext Designer 1.2.2, on Ext 3.3.x projects.

This bug is keeping me from upgrading to 1.2. Using the API URL was optional in 1.1.2, which suited me just fine. I don't want to set the API URL, because this would mean that I have to have the correct web app running every time I edit an .xds file. The drop-down menu that lists all services and their methods is of no use to me, since I have so many services that the menu doesn't fit inside the window.

Please make the Ext Direct API URL optional again.