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Thread: ST2 GA release - storing associated models

    This duplicates another bug already reported in our system: TOUCH-1428
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    Default ST2 GA release - storing associated models

    I keep reading that localstorage will be fixed before the general availability (GA) release, but I haven't heard anything from the ST team about automatically storing associated model data. Is this in the plan or what?

    Despite the broken localstorage in PR3, I have it working now (child models only), but it involves an onLoad handler on the main store that iterates through the parent records, saving any child models into another store (if they exist). It's ugly (even by my low standards), and I would appreciate an example of "the right way", or at least a commitment from the ST team to support saving associated models in an upcoming (soon please) GA release.

    In any case, keep up the good work. After a year of tinkering including 2 complete refactors (for MVC, then for ST2) I'm still excited to build a version of Discasaurus ( using Sencha Touch.

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    I have pushed this up so we can look into making this easier.
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    Indeed that is in the works. I'm not sure if it will make it into PR4, but it is planned for the beta release.

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