I've got a rendering bug that I cannot duplicate with an easy test case so I'm trying to debug it.

The issue is a grid with 2 columns.
  • standard column with flex of 1
  • action column with width of 20
The column headers display correctly, but the width of the first (flex) column on all of the data rows is 0. (Actually the element is set to style="width: px".)

I've narrowed it down to when getColumnsForTpl is called for the chunker, header.getDesiredWidth () return "undefined" because width is not set:
else if (me.flex) {
   return me.width;
I've looked all over the box layout trying to figure out where this should be set and can't find it for the life of me. Can one of the developers point me to where this is supposed to be set so I can figure out why it is not?