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Thread: Anyone with luck putting their Sencha Touch apps onto the AppStore or Android Market

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    Default Anyone with luck putting their Sencha Touch apps onto the AppStore or Android Market

    Hi all,

    For those of you who have successfully uploaded your Sencha Touch apps to the AppStore and/or Android Market, which method did you use to package your code to the native app files apk/ipa? Would also be nice if you could advertise your app here - so i can download it and test it and perhaps get some inspiration.

    I am attempting to put my first sencha touch app onto the Android market and Appstore. I need to package my index.html and sencha touch js files into an apk file and ipa file. I've researched and found several ways this could be done.

    1.) used the Sencha SDK to build a native app (Sencha SDK 1.2.3 or Sencha SDK 2.0).
    I've search the forums and seems like no one has had success packaging an apk file for the Android market with Sencha SDK 1.2.3. And seems like Sencha SDK 2.0 only has native packaging for iOS/appstore and not Android.

    2.) use Phonegap as a plugin in Eclipse. I tried this myself and seems like a complicated procedure. Ran into some problems and looked at other alternatives.

    3.) use Phonegap and Github. I tried this too. also seems like a complicated method in getting files uploaded to Github via using other applications such as Git GUI and putty.exe. I was unsuccessful getting phonegap to recognize my repositories in

    4.) use to upload a zip file of the Sencha Touch app files. I tried this as well. seems like the easiest method. When I upload an simple index.html file, I'm able to get the app onto my phone and will it like a webpage. But when I try and include the index.html and the sencha touch js files into a zip file - all i see is a blank white screen.

    So, after spending days on this and 4 different methods, I've gotten no where close to seeing my Sencha Touch app on my phone as a native app. So, if anyone has had any success... i'm in dire need to hear them. thanks!

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    I've used PhoneGap build. All you need to do is push your application to their git repo, and you're done. Press build on the website after you setup your certs, and you can download an APK and IPA.

    I don't push my working directory. Rather, I compress my JS and CSS and output everything to a build/ folder, which I have versioned in git. I push this to the phonegap build servers, and then I get my binaries.

    I've published to the app store, amazon store, and android market using this method. This is the simplest method I've found, the fastest, and the most cross-platform-ish.

    You still need a mac to eventually upload your IPA, but you can get by with VM if you're so inclined.

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