My problem seems related to this thread but none of the "advice" seemed to work. I can save through the model, but the load seems to fail:

Code: = Ext.define('', {        
        extend: '',
        fields: [
                {name: 'idCompany'},
                {name: 'name'}
        proxy: {
                type: 'rest',
                url: '/ci/index.php/company'
    });, {
        scope: this,
        failure: function(record, operation) {
            console.log("Failed load");
        success: function(record, operation) {
            console.log("Success load");
I get an error in sencha-touch-all.js

if(!proxy){Ext.Logger.error('You are trying to load a model that doesn\'t have a Proxy specified');
**UncaughtTypeError:Cannot call method 'error' of undefined**}

Since the .load method is static I tried calling it like:

but that didn't change anything. I'm probably doing something very "simply" wrong.

I even tried passing in the model in the .load as suggested in this thread.

Any ideas?