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Thread: Images on icons and other components suddenly changing to some other image

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    Exclamation Images on icons and other components suddenly changing to some other image

    I have been working on an app based on extjs 3. I am now having a strange problem. I have a dialogbox (among many). It has a picture upload option with preview.

    Before I open this dialog everyting is perfect.

    I open the dialog and it shows up fine

    The preview image shown there is the default image. Anyway now I close this dialog down without making any changes.
    And boom!!! At this moment, the images on tree nodes, context menus, drop down arrows etc are changed to that preview image in the above dialog
    Here are some screenshots

    If you look at the last screenshot, you can see the 'Edit' option in contextmenu, now has the wrong icon. But the 'Edit' option in toolbar seems to have the correct icon. They both use the same css class as iconCls property.

    [FONT='Helvetica Neue', Arial, 'Lucida Grande', sans-serif]I have inspected the wrong image on the treepanel with firebug and this is what I got.
    [/FONT]<img unselectable="on" class="x-tree-node-icon" src="images/storage_type_default.jpg" alt="" id="extdd-8">

    So the src attribute of all these tree node icons (and the vertical and horizontal lines) have been changed.

    I did the same on an icon on a contexmenu, this is what I see.

    <img id="ext-gen444" class="x-menu-item-icon cls_tbb_cut" src="images/storage_type_default.jpg" alt="">
    And this is what it should be
    <img class="x-menu-item-icon cls_tbb_cut" src="ext_js/resources/images/yourtheme/s.gif" alt="" id="ext-gen410">

    After some experiments, this is what I have found.
    This problem will not affect items that are already rendered. For example if a tree node is already expanded before I open the picture dialog, those nodes will show up correct. But if I chose to open the image dialog first, and then expand the node later, the images are all altered. This is true for tree children, if they are expanded after opening the image dialog, they are affected although their parent nodes stay without problem.

    The same is true for menu icons as well. If I have displayed the context menu atleast once before I open the dialog, they will show up correct afterwards.

    Is there any fix?

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    The only way that should happen is if you change the nodes
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    But How come it affects only items that are yet to be rendered? The code for that dialog does not do anything to tree nodes. But even if it did, it should affect the rendered elements as well. And its not just tree nodes. It affects, icons on buttons, menus, dropdown buttons, treenodes (including those vertical and horizontal lines which I cannot change from javascript code).

    Suppose it is something wrong with my code, could you point out what I should look for? Which extjs functions could possibily cause this?

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    This issue is resolved. It was not a bug.

    It was caused by setting Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL to a non-empty image

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