1) When I save or deploy the PandoraMvc demo application it warns me about some components that don't have stores. I've not added these and I can't find them in the project explorer or in the generated code.


2) When I save or deploy the PandoraMvc demo application the first time after importing it, the designer insists on creating a folder called PandoraMvc under the folder I elect to use. Where can I find this name?

3) To select an export/deploy folder I click on the 'Deploy Path' field and the folder selection dialog appears. However it always starts in the default location, for example My Documents (I'm on Windows) even if one exists.

I think this is because the dialog is being passed a path like d:/myfolder/myinnerfolder etc. The default behavior of this dialog box when presented with an invalid path is to pre-select the default (My Documents) folder. It will be great if the default of the dialog can be any currently specified folder.

4) A potential problem with the folder selection dialog shown any time this field is selected is that I can neither make a small edit by hand or grab the path to use elsewhere.

It maybe you trying to ensure the path entered is valid which is understandable. However the entered path could be deleted from disk or renamed to make it invalid anyway.