I just got a chance to try Sencha Designer 2 for the first time. There are some really nice features and in many ways it's a big improvement over 1.x. However, the handling of read-only files is still a huge problem for me. Where I work, we use an scm that is configured to pull in files as read-only and to flip them to read-only when they are checked in. For various reasons, this will not be changed. So having the Designer simply fail on these files is not an option.

I fully realize that I could easily write my own script to flip make everything in the project writeable, but I don't want to have to subject my team to running something like this every time they have to edit a file.

I appreciate that you're trying / improving on this. I remember the early Designer 1 days when the save would simply fail silently (ouch). Then, you made a failed save an error on the status bar. Now, at least there is a relatively in-your-face dialog telling me that something went wrong. But it's still not good enough. I need an option that just overwrites the files. Maybe everyone wouldn't want this, so fine; make it configurable. Lack of this is a near deal-breaker for us.

The Toolbox is also a problem. It's good that you can import / export, but in order to make this a viable method for reuse I need a way of checking the whole thing into source control so other people can use it. I don't want to have to deal with each component individually.

One of your marketing points is that you have a 'Source control friendly file format.' I do think the file format is better now, but IMHO these other things I have mentioned are a much bigger detriment to being source control friendly.

I like the new features in the Desinger, but please give attention to these fundamentals, too. I remember several people asking for this on the 1.x line...