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Thread: Non-standard List Layout - Simple Float Left?

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    Question Non-standard List Layout - Simple Float Left?

    Hi There,

    The company I work for is trying to decide on a framework to build a mobile offering into our e-commerce solution. Our designer likes the thumbnail grid layout that ASOS use on their product list pages, essentially it's a number of divs floated left. Looking at the standard List DataView that Sencha Touch offers, I can't see exactly how you'd alter the List to make it mirror that layout.

    I assume that this is possible, but how much work would we be talking about? I imagine it would be a case of overriding the CSS somehow, but might this interfere with layout in other ways?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Lining <div> elements up horizontally takes a couple CSS but float : left is a key. This is all controlled via CSS.
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