Hi everyone,

in GXT 2.2.x I hade the modelType object where the fields were specified. The method setMap was used to map an external field name (e.g. from some webservice) to an internal field identifier:
field = new DataField("internalName");
How can I achive this with GXT 3?

I do not have much knowledge about Annotations, so for me this is more or less try-and-error. If there is a documentation "which annotation does what" I am happy to get the information, where or how to find it.

I have tried:
public interface Foo {
          @PropertyName("strName") // results in an internal method get("strName")
          String getName();
          @PropertyName("strName") // results in an internal method set("strName", value)
          void setName(String name);
interface FooProperties extends PropertyAccess<Foo> {
            ModelKeyProvider<Foo> key();
            @Path("strName") // Very bad idea: Registers a getStrName method, which is not defined (obviously)
            @PropertyName("strName") // Has no visible resul, I have to check the generated code, yet
            ValueProvider<Foo, String> name();