What I would like to do is take some action in my controller when the label part of a textfield is tapped.

I have looked at the sticky post above and created a component listener like this:

itemId :'testit',
xtype: 'selectfield',
name: 'KS',
label: 'Planning',
store: 'ScoreKey',
displayField: 'scoreKey',
valueField: 'scoreKeyId',
listeners: {
  tap: {
    fn: function() {
       //            alert('fire');
    element: 'label'
The alert will be displayed if the comment are removed. The problem I have is how do I fire an event that will be picked up by my controller?

I looked at this.getApplication().fireEvent() but this cause an error, and I cannot get my controller to re-act to this.fireEvent.

I have also tried adding a component listener to the controller directly, but couldn't get it to work.

Anybody any ideas on the best way to achieve this?