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    Default Answered: list can't be scrolled or selected

    I have a simple app with a list that used to scroll and behave great. But now after switching to ST2, the list doesn't scroll and its items are not selectable. Below is the relevant code. Any ideas?

    new Ext.application({
      name: 'testapp',
      launch: function() {
        mainPanel = new Ext.Panel({
          fullscreen: true,
          layout: 'card',
          cardSwitchAnimation: 'slide',
          items: [frontPanel, backPanel]
    var frontPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
      layout: 'fit',
      items: [{
        xtype: 'list',
        scrollable: 'vertical',
        store: attrs,
        itemTpl: '{attribute}'
    I'm on ST2 Beta 1, and I've tested this on Android 2.3.6, Chrome, and iPod Touch v2

  2. Are you creating your formpanel outside the launch method? If so, you shouldn't.

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