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Thread: What's the purpose of classes.js in the portal example?

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    Default What's the purpose of classes.js in the portal example?

    I've been implementing the Portal example located here:

    I have been trying to figure out what the purpose of the classes.js file is? If you look into the examples folder you'll notice that the jsb3 file included, builds pretty well half or slightly more of what's included in ext-all.js. In fact if you already have a bootstrap in your application, the portal will run just fine without classes.js (sort of). I don't really see the point of using the classes.js file when I need ext-all.js anyways. Why bother adding an extra 550kb to the request.

    I have been testing it for several days now and I don't see any functional differences except one minor thing. When you drag a panel a loading indicator appears to get stuck on the screen (even though none of the objects/portlets do any masking). Just the message/text part that says "Loading...", not the actual mask. The element gets created on drag and never goes away. No errors are thrown.

    I've brute forcedly fixed it on that specific page, by adding a css override:
    .content-clear { width: 100%; clear: both; height: 30px; }
    .x-component.x-mask-msg.x-component-default.x-layer, .x-css-shadow {display: none !important}
    I'm running out of ideas on how to debug what's causing this, especially since classes.js is obfuscated and built against who knows what version. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this as well?

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    classes.js is a minified file of all the portal classes in the classes folder and the Ext classes that they require. If you look at app.jsb3 you would see all the files that are getting put into this classes.js
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