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    Default Answered: How to store/assing properties to objects in B1

    My entire navigation system is build by having buttons and other things hold parameters such as view name it should go to, extra params to pass along etc...

    In ST4 I would do this in my view for ex:
    this.down('button[itemId="message"]').params.member_id = 123;
    //a button item
                    itemId: 'message',
                    ui: 'list',
                    text: 'Send Message',
                    view: 'Message',
                    params: {
                        type: 'message',
                        title: 'Send Message'
    I use the view and params array to pass on my nav events. Worked great. Works fine using sencha-touch-debug.js in B1 but not at all in the other sencha builds in B1 - the above assignment on first line gives an error such as

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'member_id' of undefined
    And this is just one of many cases - it seems I can no longer assin properties - why it works in sencha-touch-debug.js I have no idea.

    Can someone explain what I have to do now?

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