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    I have been trying to understand the urls for example, CRUD Create, Read, Update and Delete and why in the example (writer.js) they are attached to app.php/users/create......

    For example I am using ColdFusion 9 and have a Ext store build with Ext designer that uses a function convertQueryToExtJSGrid that takes the data from a MySQL table and coverts it to json to display in a grid.

    I have been trying to read up on the subject although still can not fully understand how to link the CRUD operations. Do I have to create my own methods and then how do I attach then the the app.php/create?

    Does anyone know of any simple examples that will walk me through how to Cerate, Read, Update and Destroy so that I can take the value from a ext form and add it to my grid. I have a fair understanding of Extjs 4 and limit knowledge of php, in addition, why in some examples it shows Backend.php is this an alterative?


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    The writer example is a fully working CRUD example. If you look at the requests, when you delete a record, it fires a call off to the URL in the api.destroy. Same for create, update and read.
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