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Thread: no view/controller information outputted

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    Default no view/controller information outputted

    A few questions. None of my views and controllers are making it into the jsb

    1) i have read that you cannot use ext-all-debug.js for the compiling. My application doesn't run of ext.js i think it's because i have rowEditing. Is this correct that ext-all-debug.js cannot be used.

    2) I have the following in my app.js

    Ext.Loader.setPath('App', '/ext/jobs/app');
    appFolder: '/ext/jobs/app',
    ( in the application)

    If i remove them then the wrong path is called for my views (app).

    Do i have remove these settings. Or it is unlikely this is cause for my issues

    3) Does it matter if my stores data 404.

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    You should use one of the files that doesn't include all the Ext JS classes like ext-debug.js for development.

    Why would RowEditing make it not work? Are you requiring it to be loaded for a class? should setup the Loader path for you based on the name and appFolder configs.

    It doesn't matter if a store is loaded it returns a 404. All the SDK Tools want is your classes and their files.
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